Creative Marketing Mediation

Does your agency seem like they are on another planet? Does it feel like they don’t understand what you want from them, or that they are nickel-and-diming you on a daily basis? They may be the wrong agency for you, or it may just be that the lines of communication aren’t clear enough for either of you to get what you really want. I can help untangle those lines, translating between the languages of design, technology and business. Most importantly, I can help the two sides find common ground and develop a plan to move forward more effectively.

Why you need it:

There are many reasons you might need a knowledgeable third-party to help clear the air between you and the company you’ve hired. Here are just a few of the common ones:
  1. What seemed like a simple project has become bogged down and you don’t feel like you’re getting to the finish line.
  2. It feels like the agency is constantly fighting and/or ignoring you when you try to get things done.
  3. Your agency bills have been steadily climbing even though you don’t feel that the amount of work required to service your account has changed.
  4. You just generally have a concern that the agency doesn’t understand what you need them to do for you.
It may be time to get a new agency, or it may be wiser to stay the course and try to get on the same page. The only way to figure it out is to have someone join you at the table who has the experience to decode the situation AND who has no conflict of interest when it comes to the ultimate decisions. I’m not afraid of asking your agency the tough questions, and I’m also not afraid to be frank with you about the role your own team may play in the problems you are struggling with.

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