Social Media Strategy & Coaching

The attention and sentiment of the crowd can make or break your brand in today’s economy. It’s not enough to jump into social media without a plan. I can help you define your brand personality for social media, develop a strategy to maximize the impact of your efforts, and train and coach your team to use the latest tools efficiently and effectively.

A fully developed social media strategy includes which channels to use, how often to use them, what content to present, the tone and personality to communicate in, how to handle the tricky situations that can come up in social media, and how to measure and optimize your results.

Why you need it:

Social is the present, and the future. The entire marketing and online ecosystem is evolving to maximize our ability to influence and guide each other. A lucky few brands create buzz purely by their existence, but for the rest of us, we need to be actively involved in the conversation.

You may have already tried testing the waters of social, dipping a toe in here or there. If you have, you probably have more questions now than you did before. Which channels should I use? Which tools? How do I get people to follow me? How can I tell whether this stuff is really working?

Social is deceptively simple to try out, and devilishly difficult to master. The key is to approach it with a real strategy and a concrete plan put together by someone who really understands it.

Digital Strategy Consulting Services

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