Website Needs Analysis & Vendor Selection

The best way to successfully complete a website projects is to successfully start a website project. Most of the problems brands run into in the web design and development process stem from either a poor definition of the actual needs, or a poor selection of agency (or both). I can help you gather and analyze the needs of diverse stakeholder groups, create an RFP that clearly communicates those needs, and identify & review qualified providers. That’s how you’ll get the right fit and get your project off to the right start.

Why you need it:

Websites used to be simple, now they are anything but. Unless you have spent a lot of time designing and building them, it’s hard to know what questions to ask, or how to properly describe your own needs in a language that designers and developers can understand. Planning and documentation of needs and constraints is the most important part of the website creation process. A missed requirement or undocumented expectation can turn into delays, budget overruns and damaged relationships.

The second most important part is choosing the right group to work with. That can feel like warfare, with each agency's "sales team" trying to play up their strengths and mask their weaknesses. You need help to get the right people to the table in the first place. Then you need someone who can see through the dog-and-pony shows and ask the right questions to make the right choice.

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