Tropicana playfully squeezes the Big Apple with new ad campaign

Tropicana Orange Juice loves New York

Morning in New York City. What’s not to love? Well, Tropicana has come up with a few things, using them to playfully point out that its new mini bottles are “The good part of New York mornings”.

I stumbled across this new campaign in New York’s Penn Station, where they have used it in a full station takeover, covering virtually all of the interior ad panels. It was creative enough to stop me in my tracks and prompt me to whip out the digital camera so I could share it. If anybody knows which agency is behind them, please let me know. I’d love to update the images below with better copies.

What I love about these ads is that they are clear, concise, funny (with the tangy bite of reality) and they are geographically relevant in a way that will allow them to resonate with the thousands of people that will pass them every day.

What do you think of them? Which one's your favorite?

You woke up 30 minutes early & got to work 30 minutes late

You waved back at a girl who was waving down a cab

A text-walker ran into you while you were text-walking

He loves onion bagels, but hates mints

Your alarm clock is roadwork outside your window

You found out why your umbrella only cost $5

13,000 cabs, 1 lost phone

10 minutes in line for breakfast and it's cash only

You're outside, you're drenched and it's not raining

A city of 8 million, and you run into that guy

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4 Responses to Tropicana playfully squeezes the Big Apple with new ad campaign

  1. I think the Arnell Group is behind the campaign. I remember that in 2009 they did a new package design for Tropicana and I don't think it changed since then.

  2. Actually, I heard that it was a different agency (who wishes to remain anonymous for now).

    Apparently the Arnell package redesign didn't go all that well.

    (Disclaimer: I had to edit this comment to protect the creative and innocent ;-)

  3. Oh interesting !

    Indeed the redesign didn't go well and that's why I heard about it =P

  4. New Yorker says:

    I case you are not aware ad campaign back again with new slogans.

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