BK's California Whopper Commercial: Advertising food using food works!

Burger King's California Whopper

Today marks a bold new milestone in food advertising. Rather than use wild party scenes, cute kids, or a guy in a King costume pulling crazy pranks, Burger King decided to use its food to advertise… well…. its food! Brilliant!

Don’t get me wrong, I have adored the wacky and controversial ad campaigns that CP+B brought to life for Burger King. The creepy King, with his permasmile, the “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign and the Angry Whopper’s “Angry-Grams” all brought smiles to my face (and many, many email forwards to my friends). Still, those ads never actually drew me into a Burger King.

This new commercial for the California Whopper, created by its new agency McGarryBowen, is entirely food-centric, slightly hypnotic, and all-around enticing:

By the time I was done watching this, I wanted to run out and get a California Whopper. (Sadly, I’m home sick today, so I’ll have to settle for someone bringing me one.)

Each and every food brand should take note of how lovingly this product has been portrayed. There’s nothing wrong with using other types of spots to breath humor and personality into the brand, but in the midst of that you still need to stop from time to time and let the food be the star.

Using food to advertise food works.

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2 Responses to BK's California Whopper Commercial: Advertising food using food works!

  1. This is a very clear connection to the goals of BK's new owners and well done at that. Like you mentioned they were making memorable commercials but still losing war to the new healthier trends, foodies and family oriented options. This commercial clearly targets the first two despite being "fast food". The great cinematography of all the veggies almost makes it seem healthy and shows an attention to detail that foodies can connect with. Will it work…maybe, but only if the burger lives up to half of what this ad promises.

  2. Robby Garfinkel says:

    It's a classic story. For years, Taco Bell was represented by a talking chihuahua. As you know, it was an insanely successful campaign — everyone in the world knew the "Taco Bell dog." We happened to own a chihuahua at the time, and couldn't walk down the street without someone yelling "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" Everybody loved the campaign.

    But, the talking dog did nothing for Taco Bell sales. And, Chiat/Day was fired.

    And of course, the immediate TV spots focused on the food.

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