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15 flavors of geek reign over this year's winter storm list

15 flavors of geek reign over this year's winter storm list

If you need any more proof that geeks now rule the universe, you need look no further than the list of 2012-13 winter storm names from The Weather Channel. As Winter Storm Luna bears down on the East, I took a good look at the list and was stunned to find at least 15 different flavors of geekdom represented among the 26 names. Behold, a veritable cornucopia of geek!

First off, here’s the full list:

Athena, Brutus, Caesar, Draco, Euclid, Freyr, Gandolf, Helen, Iago, Jove, Khan, Luna, Magnus, Nemo, Orko, Plato, Q, Rocky, Saturn, Triton, Ukko, Virgil, Walda, Xerxes, Yogi, and Zeus.

Here’s the breakdown by geek type (with a lot of overlap):

  • Greek pantheon geek: Athena, Triton, Zeus
  • Roman pantheon geek: Jove, Saturn
  • Norse mythology geek: Freyr
  • Finnish mythology geek: Ukko
  • Ancient history geek: Brutus, Caesar, Euclid, Helen, Magnus, Plato, Virgil, Xerxes
  • Philosophy geek: Plato
  • Math geek: Euclid
  • Poetry geek: Virgil
  • Literature geek: Brutus, Caesar, Draco, Gandolf, Iago, Nemo,Virgil
  • Movie geek: Draco, Gandolf, Iago, Khan, Luna, Nemo, Rocky, Xerxes, Yogi
  • Star Trek geek: Khan, Q
  • Animated geek: Iago, Nemo, Orko, Yogi
  • Harry Potter geek: Draco, Luna
  • Shakespeare geek: Brutus, Caesar, Iago
  • Lord of the Rings geek: Gandolf, Walda

If I somehow missed a geeky subdivision, feel free to chime in!

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