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32 Sweet Candy Brands on Twitter

32 Sweet Candy Brands on Twitter

Ever since Halloween, I can't get candy off my mind, and I bet I'm not the only one looking for at least one more hit of the sweet stuff. With that in mind, I've gathered up 32 sweet candy brands that use Twitter. Believe me, I went looking for many more, but it seems that a lot of the big names haven't fully caught on yet. Hershey's, for example, has a Twitter account but has never Tweeted from it! Hopefully this list of 32 candy brands is enough to satisfy your craving. As always, feel free to post comments if you know of other sweet profiles worth following!

@BrachsCandy Brach's Candy
@ButterfingerMmm Butterfinger
@Cherry_Mash Cherry Mash
@Dentynegum Dentyne Gum
@Dove_Chocolate Dove Chocolate
@Dove_Promises Dove Promises
@Dum_Dums Dum Dums Lollipops
@GodivaChoc Godiva Chocolate
@Greenandblacks Green & Black's Chocolate
@Leonidas_US Leonidas Chocolates
@MadChocNY Madelaine Chocolates
@MentosGum Mentos Gum
@MikeAndIke Mike & Ike Candies
@MMsgreen Green from M&M's
@MMsred Red from M&M's
@My_Sweethearts Sweethearts Candy Hearts
@MyJollyRancher Jolly Ranchers
@MyMMscom My M&M's
@NECCO_Wafers NECCO Wafers
@RedVines Red Vines
@Ritter_sport Ritter Sport Chocolate
@ScharffenBerger Scharffen Berger Chocolate
@Skittles Skittles
@Smarties Smarties
@SNICKERS Snickers
@TazaChocolate Taza Chocolate
@TCHOchocolate TCHO Chocolate
@Theochocolate Theo Chocolate
@Tridentgum Trident Gum
@Warheads Warheads
@WolfgangCandy Wolfgang Candy Company
@WONKAnation Wonka Candy Factory

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