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Google's search for advertising brilliance returns results

Google's search for advertising brilliance returns results

Technology is everything, and nothing. For all the billions of dollars and endless hours invested in developing it, technology’s value lies solely in what it can do to enhance our lives. That can be a tough thing to capture in an advertisement.

The challenge lies in communicating that value. Among endless claims of "bigger", "faster", "new and improved", and cliché lines about how “this will change everything”, we occasionally find a technology brand that sees past the formulas and algorithms, and gives us something special.

We’re used to this kind of emotional genius from the Steve-Jobs-reinvented Apple, but lately Apple’s carefully choreographed scenes of life on Earth have been upstaged by another tech giant, Google. Despite its reputation as a haven for geeks, engineers and techies, these ads show remarkable insight into our lives, our relationship with the web, and the overall human condition.

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