Jeff Greenhouse

Experienced Marketing & Analytics Executive

Reset, renewal and revival

Reset, renewal and revival

Imagine waking up one morning to the realization that 70% of the things you have to think about every single day are no longer on your plate. At first the echoes of all of those tasks and lists and details still bounce around in your head, and habit forces you to pantomime your old routine, but after a little while that buzzing fades and what's left is a beautiful fresh sense of calm. It's like a cool spring morning draped over fertile soil just waiting to be turned.

Leaving the agency that I built for over 15 years was not an easy choice, but it was the right choice. The new owners and the team of experienced professionals that we hired together need the opportunity to realize their own vision of Singularity, and I need the chance to till the soil of my own mind and soul to let new exciting new seeds take root. This is the heart of the creative, of the entrepreneur. This is my renewal. Through this blog I plan to share my thoughts and insights with the same candor and sense of humor that people have come to expect.

And with that, I humbly welcome you.

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