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The Company Philosophy Page that Blew Me Away

The Company Philosophy Page that Blew Me Away

Every company tries to make itself sound different and meaningful. Most fail miserably. Every once in a while, someone really gets it right. I found this company's core philosophy while researching for a client, and it blew my mind. From its clarity to its authenticity, it tells the story of a company you just can't help but love.

The company is Wishbone Design Studio. When I find something like this, I have to share it, so here it is:

Everybody's making stuff
Its time to make less

We challenged ourselves to create designs that transform your experience, reduce consumption, deliver a positive environmental outcome, and bring people closer together.

Nothing like aiming high, right?

Wishbone Bike utterly re-organizes when and how a kid learns to ride. In a single blow, it replaces multiple products you could have bought, broken and thrown away between ages 1 to 5. Wishbone Flip has the same philosophy in mind.

Our idea is to design stuff that is so good it changes you, just a tiny bit.

Maybe you get outdoors more, or choose to walk instead of drive. Maybe your toddler entertains themself for a full half hour, or you finally have a toy that improves your interior design. You can pass it down through each of your kids, and share it further when they’re done. You’ll take the time to replace a part, and love the look on your little one’s face when you do the repairs together.

And here’s the litmus test.

Maybe – just maybe – you’ll resist the temptation to ‘buy more stuff’ because what you’ve already got is great.

Fantastic, right?

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