DDB squeezes New York for another round of great Tropicana ads

Tropicana NY Mornings Advertising Campaign

Tropicana NY Mornings Advertising Campaign

Back in August, I blogged about the awesome "New York Mornings" campaign for Tropicana orange juice. The response to that post was unanimously positive. Now DDB NY is back with a second round of ads that capture that same New York frustration in the same hilarious way.

Special thanks to Johnny Galbraith and Carlos Wigle for sending these over!

Mariachi band... only knows one song

One train... two ex-boyfriends

Guy with a staring problem... chooses you

You could've sworn you read DOWNTOWN

Cute guy on the train... was checking out hte map behind you

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One Response to DDB squeezes New York for another round of great Tropicana ads

  1. Poker Chick says:

    It's a clever campaign. They need the help, as right now they are a "what not to do" case study due to their repackaging efforts. The packaging on their mini bottle still has their orange (good move) but the brand lost a lot of equity in repackaging their cartons into a more utilitarian, corporate, less "healthy" look. They've got a lot of ground to regain.

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